last update 12-28-2018. Doing great, hope you are too.

If you have stumbled upon this website it is likely it is because you have had the same discussion with a medical professional and have been told about a terrible prognosis. I can empathize and sympathize. I was told a three to six month's longevity at best with no cures available. I know how you feel. If you are reading this for a relative, please feel free to use some of this "research philosophy" for yourself to perhaps prevent the onset of disease. DNA suggests you may have a bull's eye on your back care of the blood line.

In my case, with no cures available (due to the speed of this disease overtaking the effect of any cures) the world was my oyster! I allocated weeks of research  then two weeks overseas on foot to develop a personal action plan for me. Since  I was not making a federal case about this I was able to just rip and read and make piles of potential stuff to further pursue and verify and cross check. I tell you about this because, more then likely, you are now at about that third week and are disgusted with the sea of slime on the internet about elixirs amd miracle cures. I would like to inspire you to do some of your own research and to fight the good fight. Take ideas and look for better ways to enhance them.
Why am I writing this?  I had a feeling that some folks would like to view a case study that has, for no specific reason, worked. I have passed the 50 month mark which means that whatever I am doing is doing something. I have reduced my masses by 99% and it keeps getting better. Basic facts: Male age 61-62, diagnosed October 2014 with ATC (Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, the rare incurable one), also have an AVM Arterial Venus Malformation (in-operable) and atrial fibrillation/40BPM, refused chemo and radiation due to ineffectiveness for rapid growth lesions like ATC.  Below is an old CT scan result page but it does show many masses just going away. The one left is 4 milimeter round and I will get the little devil eventually. (1-10-2019 gone!)  I started with fist fulls. (USE "MORE" or the little three lined icon BUTTON TOP OF SCREEN FOR NEXT PAGES)
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