LEGAL STUFF:  I am presenting my particular case for your review. I am not suggesting you do anything I am doing. I am not selling you anything. I offer no elixirs. Anything you read, and ideas garnered, no matter where or when must be run by your medical professionals and compared to your present condition and medications and diagnosis before you do anything! I live on a tiny fixed income, don’t even think about it! Some people read about people taking vitamin this or that and it worked on something or another and therefore, if a little worked then let’s take 1,000,000 MG of it! Stuff like this makes me wonder. During your research, I wish you luck. Please research well and then return to check the validity of everything and don’t do stupid stuff like I just mentioned. Believe me; I can understand your level of concern is much heightened.  Anyway, find someone else to sue. None of the stuff I have been doing is a suggested path for you, it is just informational. CT scans well be included so you know it is real. My personally developed program may have similarities to others (now or in the future). It was not my intention and since I am not marketing this just leave me alone!!! I am just trying to fight a disease and provide a case for review by others.
I was involved in a clinical trial. I commuted from Mexico to UCLA once a month to get some pills. These pills are believed to make some of my diseased cells not want to reproduce. This may be helping my disease from spreading. They do not affect existing masses to a great degree. My disease is said to mutate and these  pills will be ineffective in 6 months to a year. Look on the web for federal listings of trial programs. I take tiny amounts of Tafinlar and Mekinist. These are meant for Melenoma. I think they help but I am not changing anything I'm doing because if it aint broke.....

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I had a DNA genome study done on a biopsy. Insurance is thinking about covering a little of this but in the end I will have to pay the $5800. Well worth it though. It tells you what your disease is up to and if there are any trials out there that might be effective. You can contact Foundation One (877-246-9204) for information. I have a “rare” disease and therefore my insurance will not cover this and few institutions have trials going for this specific problem. No money in it. There are some immunotherapy deals out there which will entail having studies like this done as a matter of course so check that out. Insurance may not cover but 70% of that too. Careful they want to slip you into something old school after you say you can't afford that just as something to do. Research it all.
My Personal Program: The personally focused program is divided into a diet, an exercise program and a lot of supplements. It also includes a section on attitude. I am a “Type A” person. If you are not, just skip the attitude section and move on to other research and God Bless. There is a final section on miscelaneous.
Program Philosophy:  Please note that I have not told you what my disease is but you will eventually figure it out (OK, I added this info a couple of months ago... just don't do the following). I do not want folk’s running around saying this is a program that cures this or that. So, my intent was to make my body as inhospitable to my disease as possible (with supplements primarily), eat a diet that deprived the disease of what it really likes (sugar I think) and an exercise program (that may) bring up cellular o2 concentrations temporarily above the normal operating ranges because my disease cells do not like o2 rates over nominal 100%. I guarantee this program could never be sold on the mass market! Since you are still reading this you are not the type to just dial up a doctor and ask what to do and when do I show up kind of person. Remember, this is my program though and again, I am not suggesting this applies to any reader. I would say that no specific scientific evidence applies to my case but some combination of the program seems to be helping along with all my friends and their prayer groups!!! Basically, my belief is I am too stupid to cure cancer but I can piss off cancer cells enough that they lose their "stealth ability" for just a microsecond and your awesome immune system will instantly attack that cell and promptly destroy it. My belief is that the immune system works best against "foreign bodies". When you get a thorn in your finger and it gets infected, that is the immune system going bererk. So I have made a program that starves the little deviant cancer cells, makes the air they breath unpleasant and I send in pesky undesirable neighbors through supplements. In every way possible I have made a terrible neighborhood. I also have a feeling that the near zero sugar diet and the weight levels around 120lb send a signal to your body that you are starving. People studied after fasting have revealed intersting results. Some believe that folks who fast live longer. The body only produces perfect replacement cells under absolute need because of reduced resources. Just another crazy thought......
Making the body inhospitable to the disease came about after a review of hundreds of supplements and any instances of testing or trials they may have been involved in and what the results were. I determined that two supplements were actually being worked in a present medication but they were unable to get enough of this natural substance or it's chemical lab created equivalency, to the disease cells and the other is $98,000.00 a year (my insurance would not even cover parking!) Remember, big Pharma has to make a "synthetic" version of the natural substance and then they can patent it and call it the Whizbang1000XL. We can go buy the source as made by nature. So, as of early 2015, I chew on the following pills at the prescribed amounts on the bottle (!!) p.s. Tumeric (curcumin-curry) has companies trying to simulate it for sale and their copies of the natural plant fail to give the same results as the original. Sometimes seeking an "active" ingredient to copy may not be the right road. I love it when Mother Nature throws wrenches here and there!


-Tumeric (curry) and Ginger combo or separately
-DGL Licorice Root (no store bought licorice has any licorice in it)
-Maitake mushroom, Chaga mushroom, Reihi mushroom and Shitake
-Ginseng (several kinds, find combo)
​-Omega 3
-baby aspirin
-Garlic pill
-Pacific Yew (try Immune  $42.00) Toxic.... take 1 pill, label say 3
-Calcium, magnessium and potassium carbonate (Tri-Salts from  Swansons shocks your PH up ( GO UP ALKALINE FOR A BIT)
-Occasional club soda for sodium bicarbonate
​-(During exercise segment and extremely optional), Second Wind food grade hydrogen peroxide spray for athletes. One spray under tongue. It's rocket fuel...really.. see my legal page again. Just because I do it.......

Yummy! Half my readers I can hear walking out now! Part of my feeble thinking is to give cancer cells such a hard time that they get  beat up and scruffy thereby losing momentarily their "stealth" ability. Upon losing the stealth ability your immune system is and does very easily a superb job of putting a shell around the good for nothing cell and injecting a hideous goo that oxidizes everything inside the shell.

You have probably noticed a lack of vitamins. I see many folks taking big doses of vitamins perhaps with the belief that you can make your body so healthy it will go out a kill everything that is bad and evil. My thinking is that if you take monster doses of vitamins it helps the bad cells too! So, I just do a regular diet and I take a Centrum Heart Specialist pill at night due to a heart condition. Otherwise, As I describe in the diet section just a good old fashion proper diet of some fruit, lots of vegatables and quality meat/proteins is all I think I need. You can decide with your individual research. Your doctor has done a blood and urine sample that will tell you if your are lacking certain things so you can suplement those as the need arises.

A good source for supplements is they are reasonably priced and quick to deliver. p.s. the mushrooms can come in a "Three Mushroom" pill also from Swansons. Less pills the better.
      Have no sugar low carb breakfast, just a bit of fruit with it.
     Take those pills. if more then one a day suggested save the others for PM
     Exercise gently with Second Wind under tonque.
​     Take a shower massage and I follow it with a hot tub.

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