As mentioned, I have removed all sugar from my diet. The only sugar I consume is enough to keep my male brain functioning. I eat a banana or strawberries and some grapes twice a day. Be careful, your brain is a big sugar user. Having a male brain means I don’t need much (just kidding). Sugar sells in America. If you want to sell more of a food product you make it sweeter. I am exhausted reading canned and prepackaged food labels for sugar content. I save time by not buying anything canned or pre-packaged. If I want some sweets Stover’s makes great no sugar candy like chocolate covered peanuts and peanut butter cups. I use Stevia or Truvia as a sugar substitute.
Typical morning: Thinking about how to swallow some of those pills I grab a blender container and pour some milk in it and an ice cube. This is followed by half of a banana, some ground flax seed, some nuts, a little oat meal and a couple of strawberries and some “no sugar” protein powder. This mixture gets the above listed supplements down the hatch much easier. It also gets the required minimum sugar into my system. This can be repeated in the evening because some of those supplements list that you take them twice a day. That gets your next and final small dose of sugar from fruit in for the evening. Don’t even think about Cinabons!!! Remember, this is what I do. You follow your own research.
We could all talk about what has no sugar all day.  I have found sugar in everything. I just gave up reading labels and simplified my diet. I have become amazed by the mighty green grape. After this diet for 50 months just a couple of grapes literally knock me across the room for impact! Who needs sugar!
Typical lunch and dinner consist of any meat source and a couple of vegetables and tea. I don’t like tea but I drink green and white teas and water that has a tiny bit of vitamins and minerals in them. My local water cannot be trusted since it is well water and the water table was also a site for a crop dusting air field for 50 years.
I no longer drink alcohol. It is not good for my disease. Never had time for it anyway.
I have lost a total of 60 pounds and it was fast. I went from a 38 waist to 30 in nothing flat. My body started eating its own muscle! It wanted sugar!!!! I had to go to 4 meals a day and snack all the time to keep above 125lb. My perfect BMI is 139. 115lb seems to be where I can stay. I sleep and nap (another chapter) a lot so that may also have something to do with it as in reduced food intake due to being asleep!
 ...Update November 2015 spoke with Oncologist at trial study and he indicated he had a ward full of diabetics with low sugar so why are they all not getting better? I confessed to my unequal (hugely) knowledge compared to him of the subject. I thought to myself that it was interesting that most of his cancer patients had diabetes. Did they come into the program like this and was it due to extremely high sugar consumption and diet issues to begin with? I will continue with reduced sugar just because I think it is a more natural diet that the body can deal with.
...1-7-16 read an article C/O MSN news that there was some evidence that breast cancer metastisized more rapidly with regular table sugar consumption vs. sugar straight from fruit. 23 months now post 3 to 6 six prognosis and am doing great. Just now starting to grow back lost muscle. Of the 60 plus pounds lost I would say at least 20 to 25 was muscle and I was getting weak. 4 big meals a day seems to have helped and 15 minutes a day of exersize (no matter how sluggish I feel) is continued.
...(3-6-16 Doing great, just spotted more research showing cancer cell energy system important to study in future. Evidence suggests cells that are forced to use minimal amounts of sugar due to lack of same in system and using fats as energy sources were less likely to mutate and makes life miserable for cancer cells when they they are in  fermentation process to continue their survival. I did not think of adding more fat to my diet. I will now now stop using lean ground beef! I eat pizza (thin crust-wheat is sugar), enchiladas and chili now and watch that sugar content in the ingredients! 
“No healing can occur in pooling blood” said some Chinese doctor two thousand years ago, I believe it!
There is a lot about increasing oxygen to your system on the web and elixirs too! I am a simple guy who studies and works on bike and auto engines in leisure times. My exercise ideas are based on fuel and air mix! I figured if you wanted to get more oxygen into your system then you had better go get an additional oxygen source! I found a used oxygen generator (up to 8 liters per minute LPM) in another state on Craigslist and went and got it. I nailed some bungee cords to the wall. I am cheap too. There are two lines of thinking about oxygen, one is that if you can raise the oxygen levels in cancer cells they do not like it (when in fermentation) and they get upset and reveal themselves for capture and kill and the other is that some regular cells that have been oxygen starved and therefore susceptable to or already are replicating badly and producing damaged fermenting cancer cells can be "saved" by getting oxygen to them in higher levels. cells deep inside tumors already have a low oxygen levels so it is tough to improve there environments! So, after my tasty supplements and morning breakfast drink I slip on my oxygen mask and set the generator for 6LPM, put one spray of Second Wind food grade hydrogen peroxide under my tongue (warning...danger, CONSULT DOCTOR ETC etc) and run in place and tug on the bungee cords real easily for about ten or fifteen minutes. This is a very light workout. It is not done to make a great looking body. It is done in hopes of stirring the oxygen within, not building muscle. Take a shower massage to rub in that oxygen. Your body is fighting one heck of a disease so don't be using up it's energy with heavy workouts. Remember, if you are following a diet with just fruit for sugar and are skipping the ten soft drinks and big muffins full of sugar you are going to be working on a smaller tank of fuel. If you feel bad the next day you formed a lot of lactic acid. Just take it easy. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO RUN BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE HERE. DANGER. Just because this idiot does this does not mean you should.  Hit top of page for more pages AT THE "MORE" BUTTON or that funny three horizontal line gizmo.