How about a 20 room hospital in Beirut Lebanon? While I was frantically researching, my wife, a retired nurse, mentioned a Doctor she worked for 20 years ago. This Doctor Waling had turned into a planet wandering do-gooder and specialized in cancer alternative treatments. He mentioned the Bitar Hospital and a Dr. Habib, a  super bio-chemist and Dr. Daaboul, his brilliant Oncologist who have created a cholesterol useful in cancer treatment. It is my interpretation (although I will include the patent link for you who are smart) that this cholesterol has been altered to be more attractive to cancer cells and then, when the cholesterol receptors of the cancer cells grab the cholesterol expecting the cholesterol to do its normal job of keeping the cellular walls all nice and permeable, they do nothing. Eventually, the cells start to die enough to be recognized by your immune system and are captured and killed! Neat stuff. 
In the interim, if you would like to try out their cholesterol, you can go to Beirut! I did. When I got there, they gave me IV treatments and pills of this cholesterol. I had just had surgery of the mass in my neck which had grown six inches in one week and ate half my voice. A week and a half later I am in Beirut with two and a half big marble shaped masses already growing again and masses starting up in my lungs. Four and a half hours into the treatment the doctors came into my room and asked me to feel for my masses in my neck. I did and I could not find them anymore! I asked them if this was the way it worked and they said yes. I asked them is this a miracle and the very religious Dr. Habib said "Mother Mary works through my hands". OK! I had a 9 day long treatment with no side effects. I saw it work on at least a dozen people and fail on one. I had started to grow lesions in my lungs and it seems that they at least stopped during this treatment. I acquired a horrible chest cold while there so results were probably hindered. This special cholesterol must be taken all the time. It is not covered by insurance. I could not afford very much. For a month it costs three times my income. They are not happy that I stopped the medication but I cannot afford it and the other things I am doing are obviously working. If you have the money you may ponder this. They are wonderful people.
If you want to go to Beirut I would suggest the same Marine Doctor Waling  (425) 417-8147. You need an escort. You should not travel alone in countries thick with DAESH (Islamic State) unless you are pretty worldly or can stay at nice places and arrange solid safe transport. Convince the doctors to have you stay at the hospital. It has a upper building with Lebanese Army unit in place. Makes it a bit safer. It may be that you cannot get a hold of Dr. Waling.

Direct contact can be made at:
Doctor Hamid Daaboul
Mobile: 0096-1-3316400
[email protected]

Dr. Daaboul can make arrangements and will give directions but will first need your health information so be prepared to send him copies of CT scan written reports and some blood work so he can figure out what is best for you. Both the Doctors are very religious (Christian). They treat every nationality and religious faith. It is a wonderful thing to see when you are at the hospital. Everyone is from every place on the planet! Upon bringing me into the complex, Dr. Daaboul reached above a doorway and put his hand on a figurine of Mother Mary asking for her help with this sorry old man!

I have a picture next page. Left to right: Dr. Waling, Dr. Habib and me at 185 pounds.

So, why don't I just do this treatment, cure my cancer and go get a Cinibons, a real Coke and skip all the pills and lay around in a recliner? Well, the cancer comes back in most cases (especially mine) so you have to do some maintenance pills or another trip to Beirut. The pills can cost a lot a month (but see if you can make a deal) and the trip is very expensive. I keep two months of pills on hand (and donated the rest) and no savings left for another trip. The pills are not FDA approved so you just can't order some up. Pretty simple. Philosophically, it is better to attack the root cause and use many weapons. My UCLA medications are doing something to control the desire to "breed" some more lesions leaving the existing masses for me to deal with. I have. 99 (12-2018 level) ) are now gone and I keep chipping away.
...1-28-2019 none are detected!
My research and all the things in this individual case also make me feel pretty darn good. It is the right path. Being realistic here, don't expect "pretty good" to be pain free. At present, it takes one morphene and two hydrocodones in the morning for me to be able to get to the bathroom! I have other conditions and bad arthritis. Thanks to the brain AVM and headaches, the damaged tissue areas left behind by cancer, the nerve damage from trial drug reactions (eruptions) and my degenerative disc decay etc. all things are relative. I am alive! Please figure out how to manage your pain for it can cause stress which robs you of energy needed to fight your condition. Although offered Oxycontin I exist on Hydrocodone at doses enough to make it possible to do those exercises I spoke of. Otherwise, I would be considered darn dissabled by most but under the conditions, I feel I am doing outstanding seeing as how I am now part of the 1% group of being alive at this date where everybody else has passed on.

Keep in mind my reason for this website is to show others the effects of individual research. The problem I have is probably the most aggresive and lethal out there. Yours may be easier to handle but it is nice to know that way over in Beirut are options one would never hear about except from folks like me! You may find some even more interesting treatments! Do remember, 98% of stuff on the Web is a scam! Trust but verify. Dr. Habib is a "trust" because yours truly went there and if anything, there was no side effects! After a 9 day treatment and a month plus maintenance and two times that I used this cholesterol for a week at later dates (when UCLA drugs were stopped due to reactions) I am thinking it was instrumental in the control of the "margin area" original area of the lesion and thus, stopped it at the source where it likes to unleash fresh assaults. That is a critical location. These Doctors say I should never stop taking the cholesterol but I cannot afford to take it. I took the cholesterol for 30 days after overseas session, was given another month worth but could not take it while in UCLA program. This entence is written 10/21/2016- If I had to wager what was the most powerful tool in my fight against this condition I would say it is my personal program with the UCLA and Beirut cholesterol in the background only because the Beirut stuff would supposedly have to be taken all the time or else cancer would return and the UCLA meds are so toxic and I am now down to miniscule levels. Very loose logic here but is just my feeling. I am sure you are wondering about the value of all these different things mentioned. Some are hoping for a one pill solution. HAH! The UCLA trila meds are not for my kind of cancer and were expected to give me melanoma as a side effect. So far, my system has defeated all attempts.

This comment from me is based on nothing! It is just a feeling I have. I feel you should ask your doctor whether chemo and radiation should be done after trying other types of medication and treatments and not before. I just think the absorbtion of those other treatments is better if the tissue and circulation system has not been heavily radiated. There! If that is not just a stupid thought I don't know what is! Anyway, let your doctor explain to you the best course and sequence of actions. Sometimes you have no choice during an advanced state.

​Darwin said "All answers are in nature". Smart dude, I keep looking.
The medication patent is a fairly easy read (look up the long terms!) and here is the link:
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