I think I have had this disease for a while (years) but got so overworked that I broke my immune system and everything went haywire and sped up. I created a huge backyard with open air aviary better than the local museum and was involved in my Counter Terrorism day job quite heavily. So now I am on medical disability and it is hard to enjoy my retirement property as much as I had wanted, if at all.
So, I have created a mindset. I pace myself. I prioritize. I own less because then I have less to maintain and repair (I repair for I cannot afford to just pick up a phone and have stuff repaired). With decreasing items and affairs to manage I have time to take a nap when it is needed. I feel everyone should take two naps during the day. Even if you have to go to your car or an out of the way corner you need to shut down for a while. You are fighting a disease. Some people call this meditating. If you want a serious meditation and stress relieving system read Buddhism: Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen. It is not a religious deal, it is a way to greatly improve  your perspective. Come on, it is only a half inch thick. Anyway, if you organize and simplify and meditate a bit you will find you are more effective and efficient and could probably take four naps a day!


​Get your labs and CT reports. Once upon a time, my wife was told she had MS. Horrible. 6 years later it did not make sense. I went back and got all reports. CTs clearily stated large infection around brain, sinus etc. I called up office staff and asked what the results were for a report. They said "clear". Staff had recorded wrong result and doctor was working with incorrect information. Just recently, wife had lung x-rays. They were not read for two weeks. She now has massive lung scarring. Get the reports! Humans make mistakes, a lot these days in that the primary interest is income. There is also an extreme outbreak of laziness.

​You know its bad for you! Yeah, that tasty barbecue stuff. All that black and brown smoky goodness....... Yep, stop it! It's carcenagenic. I so want a thick steak off the barbie.....

Your teeth! I used to have a least one root canal or two crowns almost every year. Now I have not had any teeth issue for over five years. What has this got to do with cancer? Again, my feeble brain at work here... my thinking is to free up as much of my immune system as possible and task all resources to fighting cancer. If you have a mouth full of cavities and infections your immune system is spending considerable time there. I researched the issue and determined that if you can keep your gums in good shape you win that battle. I use Crest Professional and make sure it says somewhere on it in bigger letters then all the other claims "gum protection". Since using it daily and flossing I have not had to see a dentist for four years. I went in once and after 30 seconds in the chair I was sent home. No cleaning was necessary! Gosh, I missed that plaque scraping but oh well! Speaking of tooth paste and stuff, I suggest you lose the whitening stuff. I believe that weakens your enamel and defeats the gum protection and healing you seek. Just a feeling I have.

1-29-2019 just heard about a study showing bad teeth and alzheimers. a bacteria that comes from gum infection and gets into your brain tissues....keep it clean!

I have just returned from the dentist. I broke a tooth on some stupid bone chunks in some ground beef! I can recommend:

LG Dental and Dr. Judith  638 388 0488
Smart, clean fast and makes American shops look juvenille.
Yes it is in Puerto Penasco Mexico. No, there are no bandits for at least three hundred miles. I know! My crown was a little expensive for the area at $275. Took two days. 33 minutes the first day and just a few on day two. Simply incredible..

Sun Light! Yes, in the 50 and 60's we loved our air conditioning and then released enough r-12 freon to put holes all over the ozone layer. We now have increased UV rays. Other light frequencies are on the bad list two so wear that 50 SPF stuff all over. Supposedly, we need four hours of sunlight a day for help with vitamin d and our bones and calcium and so on. I come from Seattle. I would be lucky to get four hours a month! Here in Mexico I get 14 hours a day! So, wear a multi spectrum  50 SPF or better cream with a lot on you face and exposed shoulders. Remember those old movies where they showed the sick people being rolled out into the sun for a hour? They somehow knew that was therapeutic on many levels. I am testing for UCLA a melanoma drug set that for me (without Melonoma) is said to eventually give me melanoma as a side effect. I am pretty careful with good hats, sun creams and seeking some shade but I still try to get two hours a day at a minimum. Just a thought. For those interested, look up moon light multi mirror magnification places that gather moonlight and concentrate it. That is sunlight reflected off the moon and on to you with many mirrors. You avoid the UV rays that way.