MORE ATTITUDE STUFF.... yeah, page 7 was was bad.

So, let people pass you on the road, you will see them at the next intersection (I drive a muscle car, I could blow them right off the road if I wanted!), don’t let the dumb irritate you, their life is harder than yours. Get going early to appointments. Buy quality items that won’t break which means you will own less eventually (because you can’t afford everything quality and you stopped buying crap) but you will have less stress.

Don’t get over involved in social issues. You hear everyone talking about everyone else about conversations they heard about. WOW, just ignore that history. If you are talking to someone and they bring up all this drivel just listens to the topics that person is concerned with and then discuss that. Don’t get involved in all these speculations and outbursts. If they are worried about relationships then ask them what they want in a relationship! Not what Billy said about Buffy last week! THEN TAKE A NAP!   

Always hearing chatter in your head? Always thinking? I don’t think there is any particular cure that I have found but some suggest you just laugh at it! I agree. Just move on and do something. Remember the big picture; you are glued to the surface of a planet doing about 2000 miles an hour with some beautiful atmosphere just hanging on also. You are surrounded by astounding beauty and a universe with a trillion other suns and planets rolling by and you are meeting people that you not only share words with but the air, about a million ions and electrons passing between the two of you and everything is happening at this very second. Even your breathing is in concert with the nearby trees since you’re a feeding them carbon dioxide and they are giving you back oxygen.  Stay in the moment. The chatter in your head should not be able to compete with even a tiny bit of that!

Having read this far you are now a Chieftain in my Naportwo Tribe!
Congratulations! I wish you all the best in your continued research and your progress towards health or at least more time than those medical folks are telling you!
Thank You, Mark

Contact? Thats right, snail mail only. It is too easy to Tweet or email these days so most "messaging" is lacking in content, reasoning and meaning. Therefore, if you would like to contact me you can write or type a letter! Here is my address: Mark at PO Box 2 Lukeville, AZ 85341.  I moved to Mexico due to poverty and frankly, many folks were too lazy to get involved (i.e. diet and exercise) in the U.S. and get to work on themselves! Many would rather just sit in an ICU connected to tubes! Also, my wife's terminal lung diseases were so bad they gave her three years to live. I researched a place with lower elevation (more o2) higher humidity and a total lack of known allergens and reduced wind speeds so as not to carry airborne crap. She is doing incredibly well.  It is a one bedroom shack but it's by the Sea of Cortez so nice. I am helping anyone down here for free (as advice always is!). Go ahead, send a donation! be the first. I will buy those supplements and internet service for poor sick people down here so they can research and maybe feel better. That would work better because my Spanish is horrible and that cancer ate my vocal cords...

Remember, I am not a Doctor, a therapist or an alchemist. My motto is "the more I learn, the more stupid I know I is" I make no contentions that any one of these things make any difference or are meant to fix or cure anything. I present to you my desperate attempt to save my own skin and have shown you that some combination is obviously doing something for I should not be alive to type this. I am stating to you that you do need to try though for the universe is full of wonderful stuff just waiting for you to take an interest in so put down the darn social media devices and steer a new course of adventure!

Thanks and God or Allah or whatever Blessing...big picture it's the same. Mark